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Angel's Honey Farms
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Angel's Honey Farms sells bee products such as honey, honey sticks, bees wax, pollen, royal jelly, and propolis.  Special services are bee venom therapy and bee rescue.  Because of the cost of gaseline, bee rescue can no longer be free; so now a "love offering" is requested.  Angel's honey farm is located in Orange County, Southern California. 
Jean Angel has been a beekeeper for eight years.  She has been the President of the Orange County Beekeepers Association, California, for two years.  (You may connect with the club through
To contact the honey farm, please phone the cell number below, clearly speak your name and leave your phone number for a call back.  Jean will be happy to connect with you. 


BEE RESCUE.  If you have an unwanted hive around your home or business, keep your family, friends, and clients safe by having them responsibly removed.  Call us at 714-606-9539.  We would be glad to remove them and add them to our apiaries.  Docile honey bees are needed to pollinate many fruit and vegetables and to make honey and honey products.

(714) 606-9539